Last Sunday’s Talk

ADVENT                                                             Tony Wescott

Advent is the four weeks before the celebration of the birth of Jesus. December 1st is the first Sunday in this season this year.

This time before Christmas is a time of anticipation and waiting for the gift of this holy season. If we pay attention, God will surprise us with his presence. If we wait in stillness, we will find him in unexpected places.

stfrancishamilton – ADVENT 1: God’s prescence among His people

stfrancishamilton – ADVENT 2.   Talk to come

stfrancishamilton – ADVENT 3. Talk to come

stfrancishamilton – ADVENT 4. Talk to come

COMING IN & GOING OUT  SERIES 1 OF 3                                                  Tony Wescott

We need to know how to “go out” (witness) and “come in” (worship). A very real heavenly war continues to be fought for our hearts and the hearts of those around us. If we do not come into His presence first, we have nothing to “go out” with. 

stfrancishamilton – COMING IN 1: The reason why we come in – Is to Worship

stfrancishamilton – GOING OUT 2: The reason why we go out- Is to Witness

stfrancishamilton – FINISHING 3: Doing the Will and the work of God.

GATHERING                                                                                           Tony Wescott

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, why do Christians gather? The reason why we gather as the church is to point to the glory of God. First and foremost, the church is for God, not people. It can be hard to gather each week when obstacles try to keep us from gathering, but good things happen when we don’t give up.

stfrancishamilton – GATHERING 1: The reason we gather as the church

stfrancishamilton – GATHERING 2: The Bride of Christ

Prayer Series

Prayer is the connectiong point with God through Jesus His Son. Prayer is the way in which we know God, know His will, to give thanks and praise and lift ours and others needs to God.

Sue Petch brings you stand alone teaching messages which will show you how to deepen your connection with the Healer of body, mind and spirit Jesus Christ.

These messages will be added here throughout 2019.

stfrancishamilton – PRAYER: Lamb of God

stfrancishamilton – PRAYER: Rivers of Living Water

stfrancishamilton – PRAYER: Watch the Lamb

Vision Series 2019

With a new vision in 2019, Rev Tony Wescott presents how the people of St Francis are setting out on a journey to Grow communities of people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving.

Life is a journey and at St Francis, we are doing it together and walking with Jesus. Come and join us and find out more.

stfrancishamilton – VISION: Growing Communities

stfrancishamilton – VISION 1: Saved

stfrancishamilton – VISION 2: Healed

stfrancishamilton – VISION 3: Set Free

stfrancishamilton – VISION 4: Discipled

stfrancishamilton – VISION 5: Equipped

stfrancishamilton – VISION 6 & 7: Empowered / Serving