Core Values

These are the values that we are committed to as a church to express in all that we do.


We are a Christ-Centered Church
Everything we do has Christ Jesus as the center and is aimed at glorifying Him. All that we do is out of love and service for Him


We are a Bible-Based Church
Everything we do will be founded on an accurate interpretation of the Scriptures, in all integrity and holiness


The leading of the Spirit

We believe in the leading of the Holy Spirit in all that we do as a church, constantly looking to actively engage with His life and power.



We believe in the importance of prayer in our life together and in our lives as individuals. We encourage people in prayer and to learn to listen to God together.



Grace is a core value, it is how God responds to us and it is how we will respond to one another. We will forgive and submit to one another out of reverence to Christ



We seek to practice Kingdom hospitality, always seeking to extend a genuine and gracious welcome to everyone



We want to reach and impact our community with the message about Jesus. We want to see people come to know Him and come into a relationship with Him. This will be a part of everything we do.



We aspire to be radically generous, committed to honouring and blessing one another and those we’re called to serve


Justice for the poor

We know that God loves the poor, and so are committed to being a church that brings good news to those in need in our community


We are a Family Focused Church

We will be a church where the whole family is catered for. We are child-friendly. At the same time, our goal is to be a multi-generational church, where all ages worship together.


We are an Empowering Church

Our goal is to teach, train and disciple people to be more effective in their lives, their ministries, and their giftings.


Organic growth

We know that the Kingdom of God advances organically, and so we seek to discern the work of the Spirit and then respond well



We don’t think it’s good to take ourselves too seriously, and so we enjoying having fun together


Two entrances:
92 Mansel Ave & 11-13 Morrinsville Rd, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand

Mailing Address
PO Box 11007, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand

07 856 7866


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