Baptisms & Dedications

It’s always a joy when new life comes into the world and we love journeying with parents as they embrace the task of nurturing their children!

We offer both infant baptism and infant dedication for parents wishing to celebrate the gift of a child. These happen as part of our regular Sunday morning gathering and each has a slightly different feel and content.


Infant Baptism

Infant baptism is about welcoming a child into God’s family. It involves parents, godparents and the church family making some big and important promises to God on behalf of the child and committing to helping nurture the child in the Christian faith.

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Infant Dedication

Infant dedication is an opportunity for parents to thank God for a child and to dedicate him or her to Him. Parents make promises to do all they can to help their child grow up in the knowledge and love of God. Infant dedication does not involve the same kind of specific Christian promises or statements of church commitment that are made as part of an infant baptism.

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Adult Baptism

We baptise adults who have decided to follow Jesus having not been baptised as infants. Baptism is an outward sign and public declaration of an inner transformation and personal commitment to Jesus Christ. We also help people reaffirm baptism vows that were made for them as a child as part of our adult baptism services. Many of those who were baptised as infants also get confirmed.

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